We have achieved more than thirty years' exemplary experience in advising on compliance with both U.S. and foreign international trade and investment laws.  Moreover, we have accomplished significant ethical and discreet resolutions of commercial legal disputes, including commercial disputes requiring international litigation in U.S. Courts.  We have represented Major Manufacturers as general international counsel in complying with the full range of U.S. and global business laws.  We represent U.S. Importers, Exporters, and other International Distributors of Goods and Services, and We represent Intellectual Property Owners, Licensees and Transferees.  We have had considerable experience in representing Foreign Direct Investors in new manufacturing ventures and/or new sales ventures, both in the United States and in many other countries of the World.  O'Quinn Law Worldwide --- where experience and relevant knowledge are enhanced by imagination to achieve practical solutions.  We welcome you to contact us.